Press Aussie tells her life about ‘crazy’ solo travel The secret,sex-fuelled world of Berlin’s Berghain nightclub ‘A social experiment’ A place where people make their own rules Aussie on the brutal reality of being an expat in London A Thai town with a sordid past Palawan Island in the Philippines is the ultimate island getaway Unforgettable encounter with the rare silverback gorillas Up close with the Russian Woodpecker, the scary Soviet anti-ballistic missile radar Inside the tragic town of Pripyat, which is too unsafe for people to live What happened when I went on a silent retreat Australian traveller Julia D’Orazio is tired of jetsetting life

New York Post

New York Post// I went to a dating coach to find out what I was doing wrong

New York Post// Bartenders know a lot about your Tinder date

SBS Australia

SBS Australia// What will happen if Australia wins Eurovision

SBS Australia// Australian Embassy showcases love for Jessica

Channel Nine

Channel Nine// Where to find modern treasures hidden in the world’s oldest Chinatown

Channel Nine// Go underground to Madrid’s luxurious hammams

Channel Nine// Temperatures rising: how to have a hot and cold adventure in Iceland

Channel Nine// Hotel review: Kex Hostel, from biscuit factory to a Reykjavik must stay

Channel Nine// Beyond the red lights: The best of Amsterdam’s pumping party scene

Channel Nine// Hit the streets: A guide to the Netherlands’ uniquely Dutch street food

Channel Nine// Amsterdam’s clean and green vegan eats

Channel Nine// Grab a drink at one of Amsterdam’s painfully cool beach bars

Channel Nine// A guide to Perth’s thriving rooftop bar scene

Channel Nine// Perth: A guide to Australia’s best craft beer scene

Channel Nine//  A guide to the most stunning Perth picnic spots

Channel Nine// Secret passwords for bars, edgy graffiti and a whole new side to Perth’s Northbridge

Channel Nine// Five reasons to visit Europe’s middle earth

Channel Nine// Keep calm and dance on: Manchester’s coolest late-night music venues

Channel Nine// The London locations stealing New York City’s bottomless brunch crown

Channel Nine// Discover London’s happiest hours at its nostalgia-soaked games bars

Channel Nine// Michelin-approved fare on a budget at three of Hong Kong’s best street-food vendors



AWOL// The best rooftop bars for long summer days

AWOL// A cool kid’s guide to 48 hours in Perth

AWOL// Where to travel in 2018, according to AWOL’s writers


Culture Trip

Culture Trip// Explore Tanzania’s ultimate underwater safari on Mafia Island

Culture Trip// Roam Saadani National Park’s spectacular plains and beaches


Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures// There’s more to Porto streetfood than piri-piri

Urban Adventures// A spicy adventure in Zanzibar

Urban Adventures// Sydney’s best Chinatown eats

Urban Adventures// Inner Sydney cool: Sydney’s hidden late-night bars

Urban Adventures// From bean to brew in Tanzania’s coffee fields

Urban Adventures// Beyond the stroopwafel: Where to taste Amsterdam’s multicultural flavours

Urban Adventures// Discover Mauerpark, Berlin’s biggest flea market and best karaoke party

Urban Adventures// What it’s like to visit Kisenyi, the largest slum in Kampala

Urban Adventures// The rebirthing of Brixton

Urban Adventures// Lifting the lid off Hong Kong cuisine

Urban Adventures// Painting a different picture: Discovering Perth’s street art

Urban Adventures// What it’s like to visit a Syrian refugee centre in Istanbul

Urban Adventures// The lunar-like landscape of Cappadocia

Urban Adventures// A foodie’s torturous trip through Madrid

Urban Adventures// Where to find the best tapas (and more!) in Barcelona

Urban Adventures// London’s best alternative markets for amazing street eats

Urban Adventures// Portugal’s sweet sounds of Fado

Urban Adventures// How to have the perfect day in De Pijp, Amsterdam

Urban Adventures// The secret side of Paris you need to know

Urban Adventures// Gracia the great: A guide to the Barcelona barrio

Urban Adventures// The lunar-like landscape of Cappadocia

Urban Adventures// Keep calm and brunch on: The best of London’s brunch hot spots

Urban Adventures// The beginner’s guide to the Athens diet

Urban Adventures// Mixing Melbourne’s booze with history

Urban Adventures// A foodie’s guide to the flavours of Stone Town


Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel// Island hopping in Hong Kong: Exploring Lantau

Intrepid Travel// Rotterdam cheat sheet: 4 must-see’s in Europe’s coolest port town

Intrepid Travel// Perfect Palawan: Our guide to the Philippines’ most beautiful island

Intrepid Travel// Mi Gusto: A guide to Barcelona’s La Boqueria


Geckos Adventures

Geckos Adventures// Keep calm and Camden on: The best of Camden in a day

Geckos Adventures// Amsterdam after dark: Beyond the red light district

Geckos Adventures// London street eats: Our ultimate market guide

Geckos Adventures// Germany’s grunge capital: Why Leipzig is the new Berlin


Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Asia// 24 Hours in Rottnest Island

Jetstar Asia// 5 of the best Bangkok street markets


WHIMN// What is it really like to attend Eurovision

WHIMN// How to find lasting love in four simple steps

WHIMN// What your bartender knows about your Tinder date

WHIMN// ‘Why I’m purposely going on bad dates’

WHIMN// What is it really like…Microbladding

WHIMN// ‘Stashing’ is the latest brutal dating trend you are probably falling victim to

WHIMN// ‘I went to a dating coach and this is what happened’

WHIMN// ‘What really happens at a Sink The Pink party’

WHIMN// ‘I got breadcrumbed and didn’t even know it’



Wiwibloggs// Wednesday Wishlist: Our dream Eurovision 2019 contestants

Wiwibloggs// 10 Reasons why we love Denmark at Eurovision



Elite Daily// 5 Signs that your potential romance is starting to fizzle out

Travel Why Kiev, Ukraine is Europe’s next cool spot

So Perth// Mandurah restaurants: Eat your way through the Peel region


Guest blogging features

Yoga Wine Travel// A first-timer’s guide to attending a silent yoga retreat

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