Hello from London Town

Hello from London town – a city of mayhem, bedlam, hustle and bustle but once you take that out of the picture, its a pretty amazing city. So much to do, so many places to explore so over the week, I will discuss my favourite pockets of London – places worthy of a visit for eats, drinks and all around cool hangs. It is a city that really does inspire with its’ social offerings and bar and restaurant scene and I cannot think of an other city where it comes close to London’s limitless options.

But you want out of London right? Well maybe its’ crazy pace of life doesn’t suit you and that’s okay. It isn’t particular my favourite up of tea either. To be honest, I find it very overwhelming when it comes to the transport and the fact I need to allow for an hour at least to get to point A to point B.  London is like a beast, a two headed beast, one side represents the good (the social culture) and the damn ugly (its’ distances).But take that bad part away and I very much enjoy the marvels of London – there simply isn’t anything like this city on earth and so far, its been incredible to explore around! However, London also isn’t the be all end all – there are so many cities to visit around London that are close and worthy of your time and I will fill you in on those also!

So for the next few weeks, its’ London (and the rest of England) calling.


JD x