When you conjure the meaning of travel, it mostly ignites the senses of taste, sight and smell. But one that is ever so important to me is sound. Not just listening to the sound of beautifully spoken languages (Ok some languages sound better than others) and the sounds of life around you but one that is so important to me is being introduced to new music. Local music sung in mother tongue, bands that have been recommended by locals and travelers alike or just stumbling upon new music at a festival or a gig – I am very open to listening to various genres and languages across all cultures. Here I share my favourite finds in the past year that I think you should give a twirl.


This lively 11 piece band hails from the culture capital of Europe, Berlin of course. Their love and devotion to their home city is ever so evident with Berlin referenced in many of their tracks.Singing in both German and English, their music is comprised of heavy influences of Jamaican reggae and horns. The first time I heard SEEED was seeing their highly energetic and engaging headlining slot at the Taubertal Festival in 2014 and they have been on constant rotation ever since. Despite the rain, they had me dancing to their funky, reggae and big band inspired beats for almost 2 hours. Their stage presence is big and commanding and they certainly are pros into getting the crowd into a frenzy and having a good time.

Top pick – SEEED – Dickies B 


Easy listening and uplifting beats, these Norwegian lads know how to create such funky and fun music. Starting out as just a one gig only show, the band evolved into a 8 piece with their music heavily influenced by reggae, house, disco and hip hop music.Every time I listen to them, I just want to have a little jive or get my ‘dorkous marlorkious’ dance moves on. This indie rock band is in my happy music pile because listening to them always puts me in a good mood with their infectious pop and harmonious tunes.

Top pick – KAKKMADDAFAKKA – Restless


In my eyes, he is pretty much a master of cool and one talented man. My Dutchie friend introduced my ears to Jett Rebel and I am very thankful she did. His songs are upbeat and makes me feel like a kid again especially when he sings about dinosaurs on the fun ‘Tyrannosaurs Rex.’ Not only does this talented Dutchman sing catchy, pop rock songs, he is a gifted songwriter of fun, is a multiple instrumentalist and produces his own music too! Give him a twirl to start the night on a high. May I suggest the aptly named ‘Tonight’?

Top pick – JETT REBEL – Tonight