London is a mystical maze of villages. Each with their own quirks, ways of life and community feels.

Then there is Camden Town – the weird, the wacky and the centrepiece of alternative in London. Within this colourful and touristic fanfare, there is Camden Lock Markets, the world of independent arts and cuisine on a smorgasbord. It is like Disneyland for adults, giving your creative juices and taste buds the ultimate adventure.

Located in London’s North West, Camden Lock Markets has been buzzing since its inception in 1972 at the former warehouse site and right next to London’s best kept secrets, the tranquil Regent’s Canal. Conveniently open 7 days a week, the markets have now sprawled out to be both in and outdoor thus making it easy (or not so easy) to get lost in its’ labyrinth of colourful street food vendors and keeping true to its origins, independent art stalls.

Come the weekend, Camden Lock Markets is a hive of activity and really does give new meaning to Sunday strolling. Camden Lock Markets is special in the fact that not only does it draw tourists from around the world to explore the market area, but it also attracts exotic food stands to serve up fresh and inspired flavours from all corners that will leave everyone salivating.

My advice upon visiting this place is to go on an empty stomach. That may come as a silly suggestion however, Camden Lock Markets is the ultimate place to be fed. And you will most certainly fill up quickly! When you begin your adventure of walking through the vibrant maze of food stalls snaking by the canal, you will notice vendors very generously offering you samples of their cuisines. It is just all part of the fun food game of getting you hooked to buy their food but also sharing their special food flairs with the world. Some friendly advice, trying to decide where to eat proves troublesome the longer you keep wandering around!

Food stall to food stall, my eyes became bigger than my stomach. From Tibetan dumplings, the popular Venezuelan arepas to Polish delights, I began to realise that the world is a lot smaller than I thought! Literally I can taste every spice, every flavour, every speciality from around the world within metres from one an other! There are also the stalls that offer a new and existing twist on old favourites. From a fresh East London dish, serving up grilled prawn burgers topped with avocado and bacon to the modern day take on the traditional French dish beef bourguignon served with melted cheese in a burger, there are certainly some imaginative street eats to be found! The best thing about it all is that you have innovative dishes at your disposable.

Camden Lock Markets is a cultural haven. Not just for the abundance of food offerings dished up, but for visitors and stall holders from around the world coming together and enjoying the common language of food. It really does leave you with the impression that the whole world is one big buffet offering waiting to be savoured.

**As featured on the Travel Industry Expo – 2nd March 2016**