Michelin-approved fare on a budget at three of Hong Kong’s best street-food vendors

As tempting as it is in the land renowned for Dim Sum, let the carts roll on by as there is plenty of high quality, unexpected culinary delights to be had in Hong Kong; this is of course without the price tag. With Hong Kong’s ever bustling food scene heavily embedded with local culture, it was only a matter of time that its all encompassing food scene has been recognised at street level. Hong Kong, along fellow Southern Chinese territory Macau, have been exclusively awarded a special category for street food fare in the culinary world’s go-to Michelin food guide.

Here is an entrée serving of street food hawkers that are certainly worth sitting on a roadside stool for and will your taste buds shooting for the stars.

Michelin-approved fare on a budget at three of Hong’s best street-food vendors.