What is it Like to Attend a Silent Yoga Retreat

Bali Silent Retreat

My body isn’t as bendable as a snake. Nor is it athletic like a cat. What I am trying to say is that I have never fitted into the category of being flexible. Girl can’t even touch her toes! It isn’t just physical strength but having that mental strength also to get you into the right position in the first place.

For so long I have been on the go and it was time to do something for myself both physically and mentally. Gyms and workout classes are a foreign concept to me and so is the sound of silence so participating in a silent yoga meditation retreat in Bali was going to be a bit of a challenge. It is a challenge I would encourage many to have, especially those leading fast paced lives and being surrounded by constant noise; hands up who fits into that category! The state of my overall wellbeing had been on snooze for way too long. The alarm had rung to escape the racket and head to island paradise for some seclusion and silence.

I share my experience here as guest blogger forΒ Yoga Wine Travel.