A day inside the ghost town of Pripyat


The weather was perfect but the setting was anything but.

If I could have, I would have broken out in casual t-shirt and shorts attire, but one could never do that in this place  – even if the rays were too hot. Long sleeves, closed shoes and full bottoms are required as body protection is mandatory. This isn’t due to the need to being overly cautious about the sun smart but instead for protection against the deadly radiation that has contaminated this vast area for over 30 years.

The Ukrainian city of Pripyat will forever remain youthful as it didn’t have the chance to mature and go beyond it’s 16 years of existence.  It will forever remain sweet sixteen and stuck in time. The purpose-built city’s life was drastically cut short due to the 1986 April Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in the former USSR.

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Inside the tragic town of Pripyat, which is too unsafe for people to live