The island paradise you need to discover

El Nido

Goodbye Bali, Adios Phuket.

There is now another hot favourite vying for our towels planted along the beach and filling up seats for island-hopping adventures. With over 7,000 islands to explore, the choice can be tough but ultimately, there must be one winner. The Philippines’s largest province, Palawan is one to captivate beachgoers imaginations. If natural therapy really is the best form of medicine, then its best to prescribe yourself a ticket to this Filipino paradise. Palawan’s beauty is defined by its ‘50 shades of blue waters’ and its hashtag-worthy seascapes and lush verdant palms that easily rival South East Asia’s more famous natural wonders, the Phi Phi Islands and Halong Bay.

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Palawan Island in the Philippines is the ultimate island getaway