Sydney’s Chinatown Eats

Sydney sizzles and I ain’t just talking about the summertime.

When it comes to clicking your chopsticks together, Sydney’s Chinatown has it all figured out.Β Its food scene is bursting with flavour, producing more sure-fire hits than any wok on a burner would.

Taking a stroll down its famed main street Haymarket can be overwhelming as your senses may be sensory overload by the amount of good eats and smells you would take in – I don’t blame you, especially if you are like me and are indecisive when it comes to selecting a place to spend you good earned cash!

To make life easier for you to satisfy your Asian fix, check out my list of cheap eats that are famed with Sydney locals:

Sydney’s Chinatown Eats

Image credit: Urban Adventures

Sydney Chinatown
Sydney’s Chinese Gardens – I recommend having a walkabout there to work off all that glorious food!