A guide to cheap vintage clothes shopping in Europe

Chic European vintage clothes doesn’t have to come with a hefty Euro price tag.

Travelling and seeing the world is one thing but what I love to look at is the sense of style of locals. One of my favourite past times is vintage clothes shopping. Quite frankly, I’d do it for hours; treasure hunting for those pieces that stand out of the mix. I don’t really have a formula but I would best describe my style a tad eccentric borderline a human rainbow as I do have a weakness for all things colour. And in Europe, it is pretty much a goldmine of vintage clothes.

Here I will share my top 5 places of finding the best vintage clothes throughout Europe without the enormous price tag.

Maurerpark Fleamarket – Berlin

This is Berlins’ biggest and best outdoor market. Come Sunday, Maurerpark place is packed with Berliners and tourists alike strolling in and out of stores that seem to go on endlessly throughout the park itself. Located in the Prenzlauer Berg-District, goods on offer range from furniture, local art, quirky trinkets, antiques and of course vintage clothes from both vintage sellers and local folk. Despite the crowds, this place oozes a happy atmosphere, and I think its’ picturesque green setting certainly adds to that.

I highly suggest you make a day trip out of it as at 3 pm; there is community karaoke in the amphitheatre (or otherwise known as the Bear Pit Karaoke Show) which is only steps away from the market. This up and coming Berlin institution is a place to unwind, have a cider in tow and soak up the great community vibes while watching the delightful (or not so great) singing of locals and tourists getting into the spirit of a fun afternoon karaoke session. Vintage finds and community karaoke, what more could you want!

Maurerpark, Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin, Open: 7 am-5 pm Sundays

IJ Hallen

Every month over one weekend, Europe’s biggest flea, IJ Hallen market gets into full swing. Located in Amsterdam Noord, simply catch a free quick ferry ride from Amsterdam Centraal and visit this fleamarket haven of 750+ stalls which is housed in two industrial warehouses and also spills out onto a carpark and from there on, it is all fun and games!

Mostly on offer is fashion, trinkets and food stalls but let not to forget a chilled atmosphere perfect for strolling and hunting for vintage clothes and treasure. IJ Hallen is a place where not only would you lose yourself in but also lose plenty of €€€ as there is too much good stuff on offer at stupidly cheap (not complaining) prices. I bagged myself some vintage denim shorts 4€ and 3 pairs of hot to trot vintage shoes for 10 € and I would have kept going if only I didn’t get there an hour before close so make sure you go early! The only sting is it is a 5 € entry fee to enter, but with the bargains on offer and the atmosphere itself, it’s worth it!

IJ Hallen, T.T. Neveritaweg 15, 1033 WB Amsterdam Open: 9.30 am – 4 pm

Humana – Throughout Europe

Possibly the best thrift shop chain in Europe and even better, Humana all for a good cause. Featuring in over 19 countries across Europe and North America, Humana is part of a network of non-for-profit aid organizations. Its’ biggest store, located in Berlin, can be classed as a secondhand department store as it is spread across four stories in the hip area of Friedrichshain – just make sure you dedicate a lot of time to this store as you will be there for hours hunting through countless eras of fashion. I can happily report I was in there for a few hours at least.

Some Humanas also have special days whereas everything may be 35% off one day then 50% off the next. Keep an eye out for these specials as they promote them through their shop windows.

Located throughout Europe. Check the website for each stores’ opening times.


Traid is a funky vintage charity chain that has a handful of stores in London’s hip areas including Camden, Brixton and up and coming trendy hot spot Dalston. The selection is bountiful and the prices reasonable also. The mannequins located on the shop front also provide for a little giggle as they are most often outlandishly dressed as if they were about to come alive and dance like it is 2074.

Located throughout London. Check the website for each stores’ opening times.

Kleidermarkt Vintage – Germany

What? Weight up! That is exactly what you do in one of Kleirdermarkt Vintage’s five stores throughout Hamburg and Berlin – weighing vintage clothes and coughing up what their weight is worth. This different and fun way of shopping – pay per kilo – is very extremely popular throughout Europe. Also, it means that silk shirt you like, well you don’t have to pay as much for it as that fur coat you were also eyeing off. Each store is a hipsters’ paradise.

My favourite store out of Kleidermarkt Vintage chain is Colours. Located in Berlin, this store is hidden in a courtyard and once you climb up its stairs, you will immediately realise you are about to lose a few hours of your day making your way through the store, especially if you find yourself there during its’ happy hours (Note to self: Every Tuesday between 11 – 1 pm) when it is 30% off everything. Other stores in the Kleidermarkt Vintage chain have similar happy hours so to be sure, check out the website for more details on what time and day.

Located throughout Germany. Check the website for each stores’ opening times.

Photo credit: Humana Estonia

Have you found any vintage clothing store gems in Europe? Share below!

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