A quick step guide to discovering Uganda

Get to know what to expect in Uganda in minutes with this quick overview.

If Africa is an oyster, Uganda is its pearl. Cheesy? Yes. Deserving of it? Rightfully so. Uganda was the first place I stepped into on the African continent so it will always have a soft spot in my heart (Awww!) But besides that, Uganda as a whole is absolutely mesmerising. As soon as you arrive in Uganda, you are welcomed with the warmest of smiles. (Never mind that blood orange sun beating down!) Best of all, Ugandans seem like a jovial and colourfully dressed bunch and are ever so friendly. Yes, many speak very good English!

I must give you a word of warning before you go – you should probably check with what is covered by your travel insurance. Why? Because your jaw may become permanently locked with your facial expression being in a constant state of “wow” of being amongst Uganda’s amazing landscapes and witnessing real time National Geographic antics of its wild occupants.

Lucky for you, Uganda hasn’t been tainted with mass tourism numbers (yet), making it a destination that feels unexploited and untouched – a precious find.

UgandaUganda in a nutshell

This gem of a nation is located right in the heart of Africa, sandwiched between Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan. Modest in size, Uganda is rich in biodiversity and stunning landscapes; verdant rolling hills, deep blue crater lakes, distinct volcanoes, dense forests, vast plains and savannahs you name it. If that wasn’t enough, Uganda is also home to the source of the Nile, the world’s longest river and borders with the very serene Lake Victoria.

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Who roams the land

It is not even vivid backdrops that will have you feeling giddy with how beautiful the country is – it is also those giants that roam across it. Uganda has 10 national parks so expect to see wildlife aplenty including the Big Five – buffalo, leopard, rhino, elephant and lion. Its most frequented national parks include its largest, Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth. If you are up for a jungle circus act, pay a visit to Kibale Forest National Park as you will see chimpanzees performing on a vine trapeze.

Uganda is home to almost 50% of the world’s mountain gorilla population (you know, our long lost cousins). You could even pay them a visit by trekking to their mountain home in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park to see how they hang about (pretty epic and surreal experience!)

If bird bingo is your thing, there are over 1000 bird species that paint the sky in kaleidoscopic colours so just make sure you bring the extra big binoculars or massive lens – and a big checklist pad too!


Calling on adventure

Of course, the wildlife is a drawcard in itself but how about drawing the wild side of you too? Oh, you wild thing you! Well, Jinja is the ultimate adventure capital of Africa. If you are feeling like giving those you love an extra few white hairs with worry, go white water rafting down the washing machine-like rapids of the Nile. Or if you are that daring, be that new bird species in the air by bungee jumping with the Nile right below – crazy right?!

There is even the possibility to ride a horse alongside the Nile. If you are a lover of life in the fast lane, you can always check out the Nile and its surrounds from the back of an ATV. Both pretty epic!

So what are you waiting for? The world is your oyster and Uganda is certainly your pearl!



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