About Me

First of all, thank you for wanting to find out that extra bit of info about me! I will try and dazzle you with my delights in a fun way to hopefully make you think ‘damn this girl is awesome enough to follow her adventures’ – well one can only dream right?

If you want the short and sweet, tweet worthy length briefing – here is a quick mixed bag of goodies for you!

Name: Julia D’Orazio

Country of Origin: Australia

Favourite outfit: Jumpsuit – Hey, its convenient for travelling – not so much for the toilet breaks!

Favourite ‘Hello’ in a foreign language: Mambo, Jambo (Swahili)

Snack I couldn’t live without: Cheeseburger (guilty pleasure innit?)

Song that best describes me: Part of Your World – The Little Mermaid

Dream goal in life: Z-grade celebrity stardom so I can appear in some ‘celebrity’ spin off.

Or if you want to get to know the real me as – as real as Jenny from the Block– read on!

State of Origin

Let’s just start by saying that I hail from the land down under from a city called Perth that many (unfortunately) bypass when they do come to Australia – I don’t blame them as it is hard to get to (and pricey enough) but once you do, I am sure you would be glad you came! I mean, Western Australia has these big rat looking things called quokkas, that should be enough of an incentive to come right?! And fantastic beaches too #CoastestWithTheMostest

Background (My weakness and death row request wish included)

My background is Italian so understandably, girl does appreciate a good feed! Therefore, I may as well just jump in and say I welcome all invites to the family table. Although I must give you a warning of sorts; if you expect to have leftovers at your family gatherings buffet, it is probably best you didn’t invite me as I would most likely help myself to a third serving – especially when its there for the taking AND if I was wearing stylish stretchy pants to the occasion (you think I didn’t think that one through right?!)

I can sometimes be a food snob too and probably will judge you if you consider frozen chicken kievs, baked beans and sweet potato smiley faces as a dinnertime meal or a meal in general. Do you even have a set of taste buds?

I can assure you that nothing will ever compare to my Nonna’s and Mother Dearest’s lasanga and if in the unfortunate circumstance I was ever put on death row, this would be the last meal I would like served up to me. Take note.


I come from a family of six. I am child number three out of four children so there really isn’t a family party like a D’Orazio party! We may be a dorky, crazy and downright weird family at the best of times but we are also a close knit one.

283305_10150714626470282_2689943_n (1)
The most ‘Dorkus Malorkus’ family out enjoying the Palio in Siena, Italy

However, with me being restless and all, I consider myself to be a black sheep as I am rarely home which leads me to tell the tales of where my yellow brick road takes me….

The first big one!

 Oh how I was so excited for my first overseas adventure to Australia’s favourite adopted city, Bali. Maybe it was the overbearing hormones as a fresh high school kid but before the first big D’Orazio Family overseas holiday, I literally wrote in my diary EVERYDAY about how excited I was for it, questioning what it would be like to go on a plane and if I would miss everyone when I am lapping up life by a poolside with a mocktail in tow. Bless my little cotton socks back then as I even took photos of all those who I would miss when I was away… I was probably a few photos sort from filling out an entire 200-page photo album. Back then it wasn’t so restricted with baggage allowance either….

Move over Australia’s darling of the time, teen star Nikki Webster as I even made up a song about how excited I was! I would perform it everyday before I went away to a sell out crowd (my family) and to overwhelming applause (they would be disowned if they didn’t appreciate my sing star talents). I was certain I would become the next new teen singing sensation of the early 2000s and nab my first Billboard Number One and tour the world, win an Oscar for best song and become immortalised as a Simpsons character – that is when you know you have made it!

Alas, the record companies didn’t come knocking and showbiz would not be my calling. However, I will leave you with some lyrics of what could have been a global smash hit.

Bali Bali Bali

By Julia D’Orazio

Bali Bali Bali

Three more days to goooooo

Bali Bali Bali

Two more days to goooooo

Bali Bali Bali

One more day to goooooo

(You get the gist right?)

With Australia now being in Eurovision, you never know, I could revive it for ABBA worthy star glory and make Australia proud (or cringe!)

The adventures continue

Since my first adventure overseas in 2001 as a pimply faced 13-year old, rocking out braids in Bali, I became fixated on finding out more about this big, wide world of ours. See visual:

Never mind that I absolutely was a C-grade student when it came to geography and English, I somehow I have managed to put the two together and become an A-star traveller by collecting passport stamps as much I can possibly can. Although I have to sadly admit, I think my Spice Girl photo collection will always outweigh the passport stamps collected but hey, work in progress.

My first university break saw me travel with my big sister and cousins who are basically my sisters to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We thought we were cool enough to start our own ‘Survivor’ tribe called Spitwater. Yes, we didn’t have great fashion sense back then (I guess for me its still questionable if I have one).

No Filter Required
No Filter Required – because Team Spitwater is hot enough!

After that trip I was hooked! A year later, I dragged my then boyfriend around South East Asia which was a great test of our relationship. It ended up being a fantastic two month outing and I will always look at that trip ever fondly.

These two trips to the Far East convinced me enough to made me change my degree to Tourism and Public Relations (coincidently what I am doing now).

In 2011, I decided to throw in the towel with full time work and do something I had dreamed of doing – go around the world – wooo! The D’Orazio clan were at it again with the first big adventure since Bali. We ate our way through Italy and met relatives that we had never met. After this European family bonanza, my older sister Carla, older brother Anthony and I backpacked our way through Europe (minus the quintessential backpack) with some of my friends around Europe.

Roll call of experiences:

Getting lost in Paris after a big night out and not remembering how I got home? Check.

Fleeting romance with a country boy? Check.

Having an emotional meltdown after canyoning? Check.

Dancing on tables at Oktoberfest wearing a laderhosen? Check.

Ditching a boy in the middle of nowhere in Berlin? Check.

Chasing after a husky sledge in Lapland? Check.

Ordering everything off the menu (almost) after a big night out in Paris? Check.

I tossed in the towel yet again in 2014 to fulfil an other life long dream to live aboard.

The first country aboard I called home was Estonia then the Commonwealth motherland, the UK where I have found myself on and off for over two years. For a quick snapshot of places I have been to, check out CV of places that my feet have firmly stood upon:

Travel Bio

So that brings you up to speed where I am currently at; still hopping, skipping and jumping my way around the world and then some.

Until next time…

JD xx

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