An ode to 2017

Better late than never is what many people say.

I would agree with them, and now I am making it my day.

Late 2017, I got into poetry. It now means a lot to me and my creativity. So here it goes, I will reveal myself. I hope you will enjoy reading it as I made it as a self-help –

2017 was super insane, but damn girl wouldn’t want to do it all over again.

Not that is was anything shit; quite the contrary, it was f**king lit.

But something is brewing, pass a cuppa, she wants to settle down.

Amongst all the commotion of London Town.

I’m not talking babies, holding hands in marriage.

That’s sacrilegious; that’s far too savage.

I’m talking about being in the right headspace, in the right place.

Where every day I wake up, feeling happy – a smile across my face.

Having no routine is not always what it seems.

Like fresh laundry getting dirty, it could leave you feeling unclean.

People may give no hoots about the daily grind.

But sometimes you need it, to keep you in line.

I lived a life between a concrete jungle;

three trips to Africa, the perfect kind of bundle.

Seeing the Savannahs, Serengeti, the most beautiful of landscapes;

it was hard to wipe the smile that fixed permanently across my face.

Of seeing locals who loved to sing and dance;

my kind of people, it was a pure holiday summer romance.

It wasn’t just East Africa that set the scene for the perfect Lion King song;

it was Ukraine, Eurovision and partying all night long.

Dressing up and dancing to the music,

left me on a high with loving Europe more so with its tuneful gimmicks.

Now to the road trips, summer days with mates.

Packed up a wagon to see stones of epic dates.

Dancing around Stonehenge to the drummers and their beats.

Busting shapes until sunrise, bruising my poor feet.

Another thing that was hurt and it is hard to say.

The time my heart broke into two, it was definitely a shit day.

I may have been shattered, it gave me a bruised ego.

But I built my confidence back up just like I build Legos.

So 2017 – you were a treat, you were sometimes mean.

But for what it is worth, you were nothing short of a dream!

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