There are over seven billion people on this earth – many of them rock stars in the goodwill stakes.

Throughout my travels, so many people from all walks of life have bestowed absolute charity and kindness towards me. Whether it be letting me crash on their two-seater couch or inviting me to join their BBQ family dinner in a remote Filipino jungle, the great generosity that this world gives blows my mind. And continues to do so.

Having fun in the farm

Giving back to the people that have helped me in any way shape or form is extremely important to me. I try to give back wherever I can and whenever possible – good karma perhaps? It varies in the nature of me returning the good deed; either hosting someone in my home (when I have one!), cooking a meal or simply showing someone appreciation by treating them to something special. These are just some of the ways how I have expressed my gratitude and appreciation of people helping me when they did – hats off to you all!

With being on the receiving end on so many acts of kindness while on the road, it has made me want to pay it forward. And here I am, introducing you to some organisations that I hold dear.

Small Projects for Istanbul

I went to visit the non-for-profit Small Projects for Istanbul (SPI) in November 2016 as part of an assignment with Urban Adventures. The aim of SPI is to help displaced citizens (manly from Syria) help rebuild their lives in Turkey.

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In January 2017, I hosted a “Supper for Syria” fundraiser in my hometown of Perth to raise funds and awareness of SPI. The event was planned within weeks which was a big feat! In partnership with humanitarian Shameema Kolia, Urban Adventures Perth, Choo Choo’s Bar and other generous human beings, we managed to pull off a sell-out funraiser. In total, over AUD $3000 was raised via a Chuffed campaign with funds going towards the SPI summer programme.

ThankYou Perth
SPI thanking the Perth community.

Jiendeleze Women’s Organisation

I volunteered with Jiendeleze Women’s Organisation, organised through Hostel Hoff in November 2017. Jiendeleze Women’s Organisation helps women in rural Tanzania empower themselves through education and entrepreneurship.

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Jiendeleze Women’s Organisation
Jiendeleze Women’s Organisation showing off their handicrafts.

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