Small Projects for Istanbul

One small change, one giant difference you can make

The amazing independent non-for-profit Small Projects for Istanbul (SPI) operates as a community centre which aims to foster integration and livelihood activities for displaced citizens (mostly from war-torn Syria) rebuilding their lives in Istanbul.

According to the UN, Turkey is the largest host country for fleeing Syrian citizens with over 2.5 million seeking refuge.

The Syrian crisis is one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time

While these people are lucky to flee their war-torn nation, what happens after that? How do these people start to rebuild their lives in a new land?

Above all, SPI not only provides a safe space for both children and adults to receive education and training, the organisation offers social support within the local Syrian community now calling Turkey home.

Small projects lead to big change

SPI aims to assist these displaced citizens to become socially and economically integrated within the Istanbul community.

Rather than its members simply relying on receiving handouts, SPI helps to ensure their dignity and identity – young and old – is remained intact. This is done by helping each person to fulfil their potential and be en route to a healthy, safe and rewarding life in Turkey.

For the young, it’s not all just about receiving a school education – there is fun to be had too! Children are encouraged to get involved in various programmes; sports, information and video technology, conversation exchange, capoeira (lucky!) and excursions. Meanwhile for the adults, it is about focusing on developing language, technical handicrafts and business acumen skills.

Women’s empowerment

The backbone to SPI is educating and enhancing women’s personal and professional development skills. The Women’s Skills Development Program aides women to empower themselves through social enterprise practices. Most importantly, SPI also thrives on educating women to become self-sustaining business managers #GirlBoss

These incredible women are taught how to make uniquely designed earrings using threading and wire. As a result, the money generated through the sale the earrings, aptly named “Drop Earrings Not Bombs” goes back into supporting members at SPI. Further to this, you can support the women’s craft initiative too! Purchase these beautiful statement earrings here

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