Feel on Top of the World – Finnish Lapland

I´m starting this blog whilst coming down on a great high. Literally.

I have just spent the last week exploring my way around Finnish Lapland – the ultimate winter wonderland of the North Pole. Situated just above the Arctic Circle, the region of Lapland spreads across Russian federation, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Besides being like a frozen popsicle in Lapland, you may ask what is there to do in Lapland?

Surprisingly there are just as many options as there are in sunny destinations. Over the course of a week in my Frozen fantasy land, I got the adventurous side of me out and tried my hand at cross country skiing, had the ride of my life on a husky sledge through the white forests of Saariselkä (the most northern European resort), popped into Norway for a splash in the Arctic Ocean, went on a night safari trek wearing snow shoes (which is like having two small paddles on your feet) to see the sky dance with the Northern Lights and skiied on top of the world. Lets’ not forget to mention a magical encounter with Santa, experiencing a traditional Finnish sauna (going full monty of course) with old a bunch of strangers and tucking into some reindeer meat and succulent seafood dishes. Santa probably wouldn’t be happy with that one.

Visiting Lapland is something I could not highly recommend enough for those who seek a different type of thrill seeking adventure, off the beaten track and wanting to literally be on top of the world!

**1st Published on Travel Industry Exhibition on 27th April 2015**


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  1. Karima Zeroual 19/08/2017 at 7:33 pm

    how did you find people to go on the trails with?

    1. The Roaming Flamingo 19/08/2017 at 8:03 pm

      I went with a travel company called Time Travels – highly recommend for the price and overall service!


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