Game on at London’s nostalgic games bars

Have the ultimate game of life at these bars that let you unleash your inner childish competitive streak.

Playtime in London doesn’t have to just be about ordering a drink at a bar, not when you can level up at these nostalgia-soaked games bars. The current trend with all things 90s isn’t just limited to fashion with many bars across London reliving retro and Generation Y nostalgia through its décor and amusement offerings. Choose to have a side of checkers with your cocktail, colour the walls with chalk, trade hands with classic board games or shoot arcade fire while having shooters – the playroom options are endless!

The bell has rung and its late night playtime so chose to drink up at these prime London bars where its game on.

The Doddle Bar

Remember when you were giddy with excitement when the teacher let you draw on the chalkboard at school? Well, relive that simple school pleasure at The Doodle Bar.

At The Doodle Bar, you can get involved with various workshops to get your creative juices flowing with doddle jams and metallic foilings. Add a rotating roster of street food vendors at front plus a stocked bar including 20 different types of gin, this South East London bar equals to a lot of fun.

The Doddle Bar, 60 Druid Street, London SE1 2EZ

The Four Quarters

Spare some change? This Peckham Rye Bar is a place that knows how to give your thumbs a work out (if they weren’t sore from Tinder already) with 90s arcade games like Street Fighter II, Sega Rally and more readily waiting for you to hit play. The Four Quarters bar has every corner covered, even featuring the iconic pixelated yellow man, Pac Man.

If you are not big on the arcade fire, there is plenty of craft beers on tap and hearty pub food reminiscent of your childhood days – American-Style Grilled cheese sandwiches anyone? – on offer.

The Four Quarters, 187 Rye Lane, London SE15 4TP

My bro – I let him bet me as what good older sisters do!


If you are a big kid at heart and a lover of board games, you may need to head to Draughts here for your next late night recess session. Located under the railway arches in East London’s Haggerston, this late-night bar acts a haven for board game enthusiasts with over 600 games to choose from. A one-time payment of £5 per person gives you free reign of the games room while sipping on locally crafted beers or munching on bar snacks.

With knowledgeable staff on standby ready to teach you games you have not even heard of (remember there is over 600!), it is time to level the score and take a Risk at London’s first board game bar.

Draughts, 337 Acton Mews, London E8 4EA

Bar Kick

The siren has sounded and kick off has begun at this ever so late night popular hangout in London’s East. A darling to the Shoreditch scene, Bar Kick not only serves up the coffee and speciality ready to made sandwiches and tapas during the day, it acts as a sports bar come night with its live screenings of the world game. Football is the game of choice and if you are not an offside observer, become an on-field player with its many football tables on offer under its colourful roof of world flags.

With an ever-appealing everyday Happy Hour (£2.50 beers and £5 cocktails) the only penalty would be not to visit this lively bar.

Bar Kick, 127 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JE

Main photo credit: Bar Kick Facebook page

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