Roaming around Rotterdam at night

Roam around Rotterdam’s unconventional architecture in Rotterdam during the day, then check out its eccentric bar scene at night.

After casting your sights at the many art murals that deck the city and taking in all the forward-thinking shapes that fill the sky, you are quite deserving of a much-needed rest. Thankfully, Rotterdam has got that covered with plenty of exciting places to do just that.

Ahola Bar

And hello to you too! The water may be gone but what was once was a former public swimming pool, Ahola Bar serves up as a multi-functional catering place bearing resemblance to an indoor forest that houses a bar, coffee roasting and restaurant area.

Step outside onto its large outdoor balcony and take in the harbour views of this riverfront eatery. The best way to do this is being perched upon one of its wooden swings which would make you second guess you should be in some exotic location somewhere. This is the type of place that would pump come summer time.


Just follow the golden gate outside and you will be in bar wanderlust. #Wunderbar is a basement that you would be quite happy to never leave. Located on the popular Witte de Withstraat strip, the underground German-themed bar sports a cosy living room feel with its wooden décor is the perfect spot to have a casual catch up. What is even more impressive is that it serves up top-notch German goods – food and drink speaking including my favourite hipster Berlin beverage Club Mate. Wunderbar indeed!

The Bird

It is time to paint the town with all that jazz! One of my favourite loves in life is checking out live music. And aren’t things made even sweeter when they are cheap or on the house! The Bird, located in the archways of the ultra-hip Station Hofplein, is one of Rotterdams’ most popular live music venues.

Combining both a jazz club, bar and restaurant, it is an intimate place to mingle with young and old locals and catch a glimpse of local and international acts that are alternative to the usual popular offerings. I managed to catch an opening set from an experimental, contemporary local jazz band and they seriously impressed me (and the packed bar) with their fresh take on jazz. A must check out venue if you are one that wants to be swept away with good live music – something that I have found a rare find the dance nation of The Netherlands.

Witte Cool Zwart
The ultimate street of cool – Witte Cool Zwart


Just a short stroll along the bright yellow open-air canal bridge and you will find yourself in dance territory. Annabel is the cream of the crop when it comes to dance venues in Rotterdam. With its industrial facade, it is the largest music venue in the city and is home to pop up clubs and live music. It is the place where you leave your worries at the door and dance the night away. It is best to keep an eye on Facebook for upcoming events, especially on Thursday nights. Dance on!


Affordable? Yes. Tasty feeds? Yes. A lively ambience? Yes! When a place has all three, you know you are onto a winner. The multi-storey and colourfully striking local favourite bar and restaurant Bazar is popular for serving up the flavours of North African and Middle Eastern cuisine with a twist. If you are to go out for one meal in Rotterdam, this is the place to go for affordability and taste. Erg goed!

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  1. Simone 15/07/2017 at 3:00 pm

    Tips that i will keep in mind on my next trip to Rotterdam.
    We all love exploring cities, but at a point we do need food, drinks and fun!
    Keep it up like this


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