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This policy is valid from the 10th of September 2018.

The reading of The Roaming Flamingo website is at your own free will and leisure – nice to know I can help make you feel relaxed and excited! If you do not accept these terms and conditions, it will be best to shut down this website tab on your computer or mobile device – but that would also mean you will be missing out on super fun articles and travel advice – so why would you do that?

The Roaming Flamingo reserve the right to change any of these terms and conditions outlined on the website at any given time, so feel free to pop in and check in from time to time to see the latest changes. The Roaming Flamingo website could have had more changes than David Beckham’s hairstyle evolution catalogue.

The Roaming Flamingo works harder than a hamster on a wheel to provide you with up-to-date information through research on writing and rewriting published articles. The Roaming Flamingo makes no representations or guarantees of any kind (either expressed or implied) about the accuracy, suitability or availability of any information featured on this website. This also extends to products, services or related graphics contained to this website.

The Roaming Flamingo advises conducting additional research in relation to prices, addresses, relevant information and website addresses for up-to-date information. This way, it will save you the hassle of walking to a referenced ice-cream shack by the beach to shock horror, discover it has now been converted into some kind of museum dedicated to the humble seagull.

The Roaming Flamingo aims to provide you – the captivated reader you are – with accurate information at the time of publishing, however, some information will understandably be out of date (possibly like your latest Facebook profile picture) as time passes. If you find any inaccurate information, please do not hesitate to contact me to correct the oversight or mistake. Unfortunately, a bot has been created yet to be The Roaming Flamingo’s non-stop website maintenance guru.

Hold Harmless

All information, tips and advice published on The Roaming Flamingo is from author Julia D’Orazio’s own sentiments, experiences and observations and is for general information and entertainment purposes only. That’s right, they are based on Julia D’Orazio thoughts, feels and emoji-motions. Additional research on subject matters, topics and destinations will be linked on The Roaming Flamingo.

The Roaming Flamingo cannot be held responsible for any offence that may be taken due to translation, interpretation or mistakes in grammar and/or punctuation of the website content. If only Nelly’s Country Grammar album taught me more about grammar and less about rap…

Although it would be far better to live nine lives and tell the tale, The Roaming Flamingo does not provide any medical, professional, beautician, love doctor or psychic advice (you get the gist). Information provided on The Roaming Flamingo is consumed at your own risk. If you are in need of the services of the above, consult the relevant organisation or professional that you require assistance from.

Copyright Policy

I, Julia D’Orazio (author of The Roaming Flamingo) am the legal copyright holder of all material related to this website unless stated otherwise.

These materials are inclusive of logos (a very pretty flamingo in fact), images, multimedia, graphics, names and text. These materials listed are not to be used, reproduced, published, or modified without permission sought from Julia D’Orazio of The Roaming Flamingo even though it would be nice to see more pink flamingos appear around the world. A link referring to The Roaming Flamingo must be present in all artwork or content such as articles and press releases even if you are to inject some of my flamingo pink into your work.

Guest writers and other contributors to The Roaming Flamingo are responsible for their own submitted material on this website. The opinions expressed by any Third Parties on The Roaming Flamingo are their own and do not represent the position of the author of The Roaming Flamingo. Unfortunately, there are keyboard ninjas in this world in which I am not responsible for – the type of people that write poorly thought out, offensive comments. If these are comments are left on The Roaming Flamingo website, I, Julia D’Oraizo, will try my best to remove these ill-made comments because nobody got time for that.

Privacy Policy

Let’s make your user experience, not an open house party, shall we? The Roaming Flamingo does not share, sell, distribute, or reveal personal information with third parties. The Roaming Flamingo does not store any information about your visit to the website other than to analyse and optimise your content and reading experience through the use of cookies.

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If you have left a comment on The Roaming Flamingo, first of all, thank you. Secondly, your email address may be on stored on the website. If you would like to for your email to be deleted or amended, please make a request directly to The Roaming Flamingo.

Unless you have signed to for the mailing list to receive the latest news from The Roaming Flamingo, you will not receive any snazzy, cyber-jewel crusted emails from The Roaming Flamingo. If you have signed up for The Roaming Flamingo mailing list (good on you!) your email address is held by the third party MailChimp service. You can refer to Mailchimp’s privacy policy for further information regarding its service. If you no longer wish to receive emails, you can click the “unsubscribe” link in an email newsletter or contact The Roaming Flamingo directly. *Cues Spotify playlist with the Spice Girls – Goodbye*

External Links

The Roaming Flamingo may feature links to third-party websites or services that are not owned or managed by The Roaming Flamingo. Can’t control the weather, can’t control all websites right?

The Roaming Flamingo has no authority over and accepts no responsibility for the content, services, practices, privacy policies, of any third party websites or services.

The Roaming Flamingo will under no circumstance be liable for any loss or damage in connection to The Roaming Flamingo website. This includes without limitation indirect or consequential damage or loss or any damage or any loss stemming from loss of data or earnings stemming out of or in connection with The Roaming Flamingo website. *Cues Spotify playlist with Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me*

The Roaming Flamingo strongly advises to read through (and thoroughly check) the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any third-party websites or services that you visit.

Affiliates, Advertisers & Sponsors

Websites can be a tough gig to run. Even the Usain Bolts of websites need that bit of TLC to help them run smoothly to always be on track to deliver the gold (content gold that is.) To help the website grow and to cover the costs of running The Roaming Flamingo website, some advertising and affiliate links are included on the website. Content on the website may consist of outbound affiliate links and logos.

Affiliate links earn The Roaming Flamingo a small commission at no additional cost to you – hey big spender! The presence of such links will be disclosed clearly at the bottom of the relevant article. The Roaming Flamingo is not responsible for third party vendors and/or advertisers privacy policies.

To help maintain a bright pink appearance, The Roaming Flamingo is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (“The Roaming Flamingo” (amazon.com, or endless.com, MYHABIT.com, SmallParts.com, or AmazonWireless.com). As an Amazon Associate, The Roaming Flamingo earns from qualifying purchases.

The Roaming Flamingo is also an affiliate partner with Booking.com affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Booking.com.

The Roaming Flamingo will only give a stamp of approval to services and products that the author personally approves of. All reviews on The Roaming Flamingo are honest and of the opinion of the author, Julia D’Orazio. As a reader to this wesbite (thank you), your trust will not be taken for granted.

The Roaming Flamingo is still waiting on those winning lotto numbers! The author personally covers the majority of expenses for the travel adventures that are undertaken. It will be highlighted if the trip or activity was undertaken with a service provider.

The Roaming Flamingo does not take any responsibility for advertisers or sponsors featured on the website. Any sponsored content will always be clearly stated below in the article. If you have any comments (or constructive feedback), please feel free to contact The Roaming Flamingo *Cues Spotify playlist with the D Ream – Things could only get better*

Letters to The Roaming Flamingo

(Love) letters, telegrams, carrier pigeons – The Roaming Flamingo loves your kind messages and interaction in any way shape or form so thank you, thank you!

Any social media comments (including those found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest), letters, emails, website comments or questions written directly to The Roaming Flamingo may be featured in publications including articles, newsletters, social media updates. This will be without compensation; just first name credit – kudos to you! If the comments are that special, I may have to get it mounted on a gold plaque of sorts.

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If you have any questions regarding the above, feel free to contact julia [at] theroamingflamingo.com.

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