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New York Post

New York Post// I went to a dating coach to find out what I was doing wrong

New York Post// Bartenders know a lot about your Tinder date

New York Post// I tracked down three men who ghosted me to find out why



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WHIMN// ‘I got sent the worst breakup text of all time’

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WHIMN// ‘Stashing’ is the latest brutal dating trend you are probably falling victim to

WHIMN// ‘I went to a dating coach and this is what happened’

WHIMN// ‘I tracked down three men who ghosted me to find out why they did it’

WHIMN// ‘I made my Tinder date do my household chores and I’m not mad about it’

WHIMN//Channel 10 Studio 10 Discussion video: Daily Dilemma: Who is at fault for ghosting?


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SBS Australia

SBS Australia// What will happen if Australia wins Eurovision

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SBS Australia// How the Gold Coast Plans to Host Eurovision: Australia Decides

SBS Australia// How the Eurovision decider changes Australia’s history with the song contest

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wiwibloggs// Eurovision 2019: Tel Aviv Highlights with Team Wiwi

Channel Nine

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Culture Trip

Culture Trip// Explore Tanzania’s ultimate underwater safari on Mafia Island

Culture Trip// Roam Saadani National Park’s spectacular plains and beaches

Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures// There’s more to Porto streetfood than piri-piri

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Urban Adventures// Inner Sydney cool: Sydney’s hidden late-night bars

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Intrepid Travel

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So Perth

So Perth// Mandurah restaurants: Eat your way through the Peel region

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